How to Compress and Archive Data in Linux RHEL-7

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  1. Marcos Sungaila says:

    Hello, nice article but I would like to tell you that using output redirection with a single > erases the file created previous and create a new one.

    This command makes no sense in a didactic point of view because it take us to believe this command will add content to the existing file what is not the case.

    You can correct this example using double greater than symbols. Your sequence of commands should be:

    [root@server0 ~]# touch file1
    [root@server0 ~]# du -h file1
    0 file1
    [root@server0 ~]# seq 1000000 >> file1 <- this is the point to fix
    [root@server0 ~]# du -h file1
    6.6M file1

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