How to Install Redhat-7 Step by Step

  • Insert Bootable DVD or USB in machine and start the machine .
  • Boot with bootable media .

Select > Install Red Hat Enterprises Linux > Enter

Choose Language for installtion process and continue

In Date&Time > choose date format and Timezone

In Software Selection you can choose any option as per your requirement I am using > Server with Gui

In Installation Destination choose automatic or manually > I will configure partitioning

In Network and Hostname > provide hostname for machine and configure network card  for Network setting.

I have Create the below partition layout for my configuration .

/boot (stores the OS boot files) 500 MB

Swap is Virtual memory helps for RAM ( we can use twice of Physical memory RAM ) i provided 4GB

/    ( Called root)store the all users Home Dir and other data maximum free space

Note : we should use LVM for our data Partition so we can reduce/extend our partition size later .

Begin Installation..

User creation > create additional user if required .

User Setting > set the root password

After this installation will Complete . and ask for accept license agreement .

 1      for Read the Agreement .

2       for accept the license agreement .

q     for quit the window and will restart to OS

That’s all we  have successfully installed the Redhat-7 in our machine .

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